Industrial Cyber Security


Industrial Cyber Security is defined as the protection of industrial control systems from threats from cyber attackers. It is often referred to as Operational Technology Security. It includes a wide range of practices including: Asset inventory and detection. Vulnerability management.

It is the area of concern involving the safeguarding of industrial control systems, the integrated hardware and software designed to monitor and control the operation of machinery and associated devices in industrial environments.

Risk and Threats

More and more unprotected industrial systems can be the target of severe attacks and disrupts the operations of targeted industry and or company.


is a form of malicious software that attempts to encrypt (scramble) your data
and then extort a ransom to release an unlock code. Most ransomware is
delivered via malicious emails. Follow these key steps to protect your company.


is an attempt to gain crucial information in a company and or industry while
posing as a trustworthy contact.

data leakage

ever-present and cheap nature of portable storage devices makes them a useful
tool for the backup and transfer of data. Those features mean they are also a
target for data thieves.

hacking and gaining Access

Hacking and Gaining Access to Information Technology and SCADA systems from outside an organization
still offers rich pickings for criminals. Gaining access and dismantle the
process of a large manufacturing company or even worse, a countries electric
grid would be disastrous.

insider threat

If your organization employs staff. There is a possibility they could leak data innocently
or maliciously. The potential damage from a leak of documents cannot be

Cymutec role

It’s time to think about cybersecurity as security. It is special, but in the industrial world it is the proper functioning that is the objective. For example, data, which is for the most part an essential asset to be protected in IT, is no longer in OT the purpose:  it is subordinate to proper functioning.

In addition, industrial cybersecurity is a process in its own right, new, but which follows a fairly simple work-flow, on which all the repositories are convergent: making an inventory,  analyzing, setting up  security in proportion, risks, and monitor security. The  solutions proposed by Cymutec present this continuity to ensure not only the initialization of the process, but also its efficiency in safety throughout the life of the equipment and developments in the field.

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