industrial cyber security

With 25 years of industrial experience, Cymutec, with its partners, will accompany you throughout your system life cycle to minimize your exposure to cybercrime.

At the crossroads between Information Technology (IT) and Operational Technology (OT), Cymutec provides cybersecurity services and solutions.

Based on a partnership with Cybelius, a leading French based cybersecurity firm, Cymutec has been established in United Arab Emirates to support the industrial base in Middle East and Africa to ensure the safety of your infrastructures.

Cymutec is equipped to:

1. Organize and roll out relevant infrastructure and organizational audit that will deliver effective cybersecurity assessment.

2. Audit system infrastructure prior procurement, build, and deploy so to allow you proper provisioning as per the most recent standard [ISA/IEC 62443, 62351, ISO 27001, 27002, 27005, NERC CIP 005, 006, 007].

3. To design and supply cutting edge cybersecurity solution to monitor and secure your infrastructure.

Our Services

We propose flexible services for your Cyber Security implementation.


Audit Risk analysis, System inventory, Multi-level mapping, Identification of vulnerabilities


OT – IT separation, securing remote access, Authentication and access rights, Equipment hardening.


Non-disruptive traffic acquisition, Protocol monitoring, Anomaly and intrusion detection, Alert generation and SOC / SIEM transmission


System integration, configuration, testing and deployment

"Our goal is to provide affordable tailored solution to support you reaching most effective Cyber Security posture and compliance to regulatory requirements."

Industries We Serve!

Water and electricity sectors are designated “lifeline” because many other infrastructures depend upon them so cybersecurity is a mission-critical function for water and electric utilities.

Changes and modernization to oil and gas systems over the past decades have made infrastructures much more vulnerable to cyberattacks. The ongoing digitization in the industry and a transition to distributed management strategies have made managing cyber risks indispensable for oil and gas.

Cybersecurity alignment on healthcare will help in the mitigation of disruptions that can have negative impact on clinical outcomes by protecting patients safety and privacy. Cybersecurity helps ensure continuity of effective delivery of high quality care.