About Us

Our IT/OT and Industrial expertise allows us to adapt solutions to your context, for a safe and reliable operation of your critical assets.

Industrial infrastructures have known a significant evolution in the UAE & Africa.  The electricity & water utilities, oil & gas and health industries have a growing need to protect their industrial systems. The aim is to maintain the production and face cyber attacks with high level of prepapredness.

Our experts, have worked for more than 10 years in various industrial companies worldwide. These experiences allow them to understand traits, identify risks, and potential impact. 

To provide the best solutions, Cymutec is working hand in hand with Cybelius: a leading industrial  cybersecurity firm in France.

With our assessment, engineering, training, and security enhancements services, we stand by you to:

Prepare your Cyber Security strategy

Develop security focused behavior

Define Cyber Security measures

Implement threat detection and prevention